Taxpayers for

     Empower Yourself!

Are you feeling powerless over the county's awesome ability to take your money and do as they please with it?

Do you feel as though you have been taken advantage of by the government and you are powerless to do anything about?
Well think again! Empower yourself! Join Us! Join hands with hundreds of other volunteers and help us turn things around!

Volunteering with us is painless and will not consume too much of your time.

We have many separate projects we want to embark upon, but we just can't do them unless we have volunteers to take on the challenge.

We are a 100% citizen volunteer organization. We don't get any funding from any other organizations or public agencies of any kind. Our only source of revenue is from individual donations of time and money from citizens. And you know what? We want it that way! We are independent and we like it that way. We tell it like it is, and we don't want anybody censoring us.

So! If you want to really feed good, there is nothing like the feeling of joining hands with others, and seeing the fruits of your labor influencing tens of thousands of others lives in a positive way. And that is our ultimate goal. When TAG succeeds in its mission, all the taxpayers of Loudoun County are affected in positive way. Taxes are reduced, and the money spent by the county is money well spent.

Join Us! Either fill out the form and submit it, or call us and leave a message at 703 948 0172, and we will get back to you. One of our volunteers will call you and talk to you and we'll devise a way to  use your individual talents to help further our mission.

Generally, we are about the business or researching publicly available information and publishing it. In addition, we organize public events, make public presentations, and attend public meetings. If any of this sounds like fun to you, or if you just want to feel the rewards of self-empowerment, then we implore you to join our team. You'll work hard, and be rewarded with mission successes! You will also learn the answer to the ultimate question:

                   "Where does the money go??? "


“The voice of Loudoun’s hard working families”

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