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Below, we'll tell you how you can get the county's detailed assessment report on your home.  You really should request yours because it is not only easy and revealing, but sometimes even laughable. 

One woman came to us with a report stating that she was being taxed on a porch that ran along one side of her house.  She has no porch, but does have a four foot by four foot portico at her front door.  Another homeowner was told he had aluminum siding on his house, even though that had never been the case!

We have found serious irregularities, especially among western Loudoun home appraisals.  Taking the county to task for these is easy and profitable at least 50% of the time, according to nationwide statistics.  You owe it to yourself to challenge your assessment!

Unlike rate increases, assessment increases aren't the result of a public political process.  As a result, supervisors love them.  Blame is shifted to unelected county staff, who are immune to criticism.  Supervisors can then crow of how they've "held the line" on taxes, as Chairman York did in FY ‘02, even though his budget increased by more than twice the rate of population growth.

Several people we know have reported serious irregularities with the assessment process for their home and property.  If you feel that you have been unfairly singled out or haven't been dealt with fairly by the county, PLEASE let us know.
Also, and more importantly, if ten or more taxpayers in Loudoun are dissatisfied with the assessment process in their county, then they can appeal to Richmond, which will send an independent staff member to review the process.  This has happened before, in the early 90s, and it may happen this year.  Again, we can only get Richmond up to Loudoun if ten people contact us!

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