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Dear fellow taxpayer:

Welcome to the home page of Taxpayers for Accountable Government (TAG)! We generally concern ourselves with fiscal accountability in Loudoun County, Virginia, which keeps us quite busy! Our focus has generally been on taxes, spending, and assessments.

Occasionally we weigh in on state-level issues, such as the proposed regional sales tax.  Some of our partners in such efforts are found in our links page.

TAG is a "good government" group.  We are fiscal conservatives dedicated to keeping as many decisions regarding your money in your hands, by keeping the money in your pocket. 

Our band of merry men (and women) would be glad to hear from you, if you have time, talent or treasure that could benefit our efforts.  Every one of our volunteers balances family, work, and other obligations along with his or her efforts in support of keeping local government in check.  We understand the need to focus our efforts and take on no more than can be reasonably completed.  I hope that you will email me if you can help us in some small way.


Jim Vogt, President

p.s. - want to be informed of goings on of concern to taxpayers? If you join our email list, we will send you periodic updates on county meetings and decisions that affect you.  We will not share your email, nor will we subject you to endless spam. Our software allows you to quit when you want to.  You owe it to yourself to stay informed!

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